General Public Order Form

Woodward Meat Purveyors has been supplying premium meat products to some of the top restaurants and hotels in the Greater Toronto Area since 1985. Due to the unprecedented challenges facing our industry we’ve been thinking of ways to adapt to today’s reality that we all face.

In an effort to keep our employees working and to help alleviate the effort to find food, we've made our products available to the public. We've come up with a process that minimizes wait times, practices social distancing and removes the need for you to even leave your car.

** Please note that we will remain open as we are considered an essential service. **

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How it Works

1. Order

All orders must be placed through our online form below. When it's received by us we'll send you a confirmation email with an order summary and pickup instructions.

2. Payment

After placing your order you will be redirected to a payment screen to enter your credit card details.

3. Pickup

Orders are picked up from our facility at 1346 Speers Road in Oakville or at one of the predefined pickup points listed below.

Details such as pickup window and days are specific to each location - to find out what they are please choose a pickup point below and press the "Place An Order" button. The general process is as follows:

  1. Pull up to the pickup zone
  2. Our employee takes your order number
  3. We'll collect your boxes and place them in your trunk

Meat and Fish Order Form

Choose a Pickup Point

Please choose a pickup point and click the button below to see all of the products we have available! We're constantly updating our product list as the market changes to bring you high quality meat and fish for online ordering.

Frequently Asked Questions

We sell both fresh and frozen products. All products are frozen unless otherwise specified.

Due to high demand and our daily production schedule some products may not be completely frozen at the time of pickup. These products are not thawed, they just haven't been in the freezer long enough to completely freeze.

Yes. It's easiest to place another order for the additional items. When you arrive for pickup just provide both order numbers and we'll collect all the boxes for you.

If you've received a payment receipt but not an order confirmation then you might have to check your spam folder.

If you haven't received any emails from us then it's possible the wrong email address was entered in. Call us at 905-847-7200 so we can correct the email and send you the order confirmation.

The pickup details vary slightly depending on the location you chose but they're all outlined in the confirmation email that's sent to you when your order is placed.

Your order will be ready for pick up on the date you chose when placing your order. It's also listed on the order confirmation email that we sent you after the order was paid for.

If you haven't received a confirmation email please check your spam folder.

No need to wait on a follow up email - your order will be ready.